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Poverty-stricken immigrants and their families were lured by illegal jobs at U.S. corporations and in the agricultural industry. In their home countries, they were usually unemployed and destitute.

And undocumented workers, grateful for any job, have worked for below-market wages, minimal or no benefits and under poor working conditions, therefore enabling employers to make higher business profits. Undocumented workers and their families live in constant fear of apprehension, mistreatment and imprisonment, which affects every aspect of their lives, from housing and medical care to education, transportation and even grocery shopping. Today Bear-Stearns investment firm analysts claim that the US illegal immigrant population "may be as high as 20 million people."




This bill would provide an opportunity for illegal residents between the age of 18 and above to gain amnesty and citizenship by serving six consecutive years in a government-sponsored organization or military branch in return for amnesty, citizenship, and lifelong limited health care and dental coverage for participants and their children. Deferments will not e allowed and illegal residents will have 2 years to sign-up and must have a clean criminal record-no exceptions. Upon the expiration of the 2-year sign-up period, non-participants will be subject to arrest, prosecution, and deportation.




††††††††††† This bill provides a great opportunity for illegal residents to have a chance at self-sufficiency and social mobility. Illegal immigrants are not bad people. They want to come legally to do the jobs Americans donít want, but our broken immigration system does not allow that to happen. If there were legal channels for these migrants to use, the government could concentrate on identifying the real criminals. Instead, the government is wasting money and manpower trying to keep out the immigrant workers the U.S. economy needs.



††††††††††† This bill sends the wrong message to both legal and illegal immigrants that honoring the laws of the nation has no purpose because those that ignore the laws will be afforded the same rights as all law abiding citizens. It would also encourage more illegal immigration because it provides people with an even greater incentive to enter the country illegally. Furthermore, adding 20 million new undereducated and unskilled voters will create a huge lower class in American society who may not fully understand the responsibilities and duties that accompany citizenship and the complexities of our society and government. We need people who are able to make well-informed decisions on important issues that impact the welfare of the nation. This bill does nothing to stop the flow of illegal immigration into the United States. We need to think about securing our borders first, not rewarding millions of people for breaking the law.




"Give us your poor, your tired, your huddled masses longing to be free..."††