1.  Who were the Barbary Coast States?  What were they doing to America?  What did we do about them?  Did our actions fit within the Constitution?  Yes or No and explain.

The Barbary Coast States were a group of Sultanates along the Northwestern Coast of Africa on
The Western Mediterranean sea.

The Sultans sponsored pirates who attacked American vessels and held victims for ransom.

In 1804 they captured the USS Philadelphia and brought it to Tripoli.

President Jefferson sent a Flotilla under Stephen Decatur to deal with the pirates.

CPT Decatur recaptured the Philadelphia and we paid $60,000 to get the crew back.

This was an undeclared war on sovereign nations.  The President did not have the authority to make war, but since he was successful, congress supported the action setting a precedent for future military operations by the Presidents.


2.  Why was the Napoleonic War a threat to America?  What two things did the US do to Britain before we invaded Canada that made them think we were supporting the French?

The war between France and Britain (and their European allies) increased pressure on the US to take sides in the war despite our desire to remain neutral.


Thing 1 We gave $17,000,000 dollars to Napoleon for Louisiana

Napoleon used the money to finance his war effort, particularly rebuilding his navy to threaten England

Thing 2 We declared war on England, tying their troops up in N. America rather than allowing England to

Send them to fight the French.  Napoleon had just begun his invasion of Russian and France was open to attack.

#3  Describe the philosophies of Tecumseh and The Prophet and how the Native Americans should live?


Believed that the land belonged to all the native Americans, not just individual tribes and that it
was impossible for them to sell “pieces” of land to the white settlers.

Tecumseh would rally all Indians behind his cause, but he died at the battle of the Thames.

The Prophet

Believed that native Americans must give up the ways of the white and return to their original
ways of life.

No European dress, no fire arms, and no alcohol.

#4  Fill in this timeline of the major events in the War of 1812







JUNE 1812



#5  What was the ERA OF GOOD FEELINGS?  When was it?  Why did it happen?

After the War of 1812 there was only one political party, so there was little disagreement at the
national level.

It lasted for 12 years during the second term of Madison and both of Monroe’s terms.

Americans gained a sense of pride in their nation and saw the US as superior to Europe.

Americans also realized that they needed to cooperate and get along with Europe to avoid future



#6  Who and what did Miguel Hildalgo do?

He was a priest who led a rebellion in Mexico in 1810.  He was executed.

In 1821, another revolution took place and Mexico gained its independence from Spain.





#7  Who and what did Simon Bolivar do?

Bolivar led revolutions against the Spanish in Venezuela, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, and Bolivia
earned the name “El Libarator” or “The Liberator”






#8  Who and what did Jose de San Martin do?

San Martin led revolutions that freed Chile and Peru.





#9  What was the MONROE Doctrine?  Describe how it was made and what it said.

Four European nations, France, Austria, Russia, and Prussia formed a QUADRUPLE Alliance to help Spain get back its territories.

President Monroe issued a statement which declared that the Western Hemisphere was not
open for any further European Colonization.

While the US lacked anyway to enforce the Doctrine, the presences of the British Navy helped to
make the policy work.