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            Studies have shown that the percentage of accidents involving drivers' over75 years old is statistically the same percentage as for drivers under the age of 19 years old.  The occurrence of death from these accidents is higher in the over 75 year old group.  Accidents from both of these groups represent over 50% of the accidents that occur in the State of Eureka alone.



            This bill will require all drivers beginning at age 75 to pass a written examination, a vision test, and a field demonstration test every three years in order to renew or retain their driving privilege.  Individual drivers' license for citizens over 75 years of age can only be issued for a maximum of three years.  This federally mandated law would be financed by charging a $1.00 fee on all drivers' licenses issued to citizens of all ages.



            This bill will decrease the occurrence of serious motor vehicle accidents.  This bill recognizes that driving is a privilege, but that safety is paramount.  Just as we have established when the privilege may be conferred to young people based on a reasonable assessment of physical and emotional maturity, this bill seeks to guarantee for all vehicle operators and passengers' safety by insuring that seasoned citizens still have the same abilities.  This bill will promote the lowering of insurance rates and claims by making sure that the driving privilege is exercised by those who can demonstrate that they have the competency to operate a motor vehicle.



            This is age discrimination.  Certainly we all recognize that granting the initially privilege to young drivers requires an assessment of their emotional and physical maturity that will allow them to competently operate a vehicle.  Those considered "elderly" should have to conform to the same requirements as all adults.  While it is true that some seasoned citizens may have lost some physical capability, the same could be said for many middle aged and young people for a variety of reasons.  To arbitrarily select 75 as the year that competency must be verified is discriminatory.  If you want safer roads, increase the frequency for all drivers after obtaining their privilege.



            This bill will reduce the statistically demonstrated incidence of accidents for a particular group of motor vehicle operators.  We constrain the very young, why not the very old?