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            Community service and commitment to our country have long been essential staples of American society and culture.  John F. Kennedy during his 1961 inaugural stated "Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country."  With the ending of the military draft in 1973 (with only male registration since that time), there is no institutional requirement for young American citizens to serve their country.  Service for the country would provide an individual educational experience, provide vital assistance to many government programs, and provide a justifiable and earned stipend for further education.  It can also serve as a way for young immigrants to quickly become part of the United States through citizenship.


            The Department of Health and Human Services would set up a registration and placement system for all 18 to 26 year old U. S. Citizens and accept applications from immigrants with valid Visas to enter the United States.  These young people would be required to serve for at least two years in any branch of the Federal Government according to job descriptions developed by each office in each branch.  Currently existing job opportunities for 18-26 year olds (usually military or law enforcement) would be accepted in lieu of this service and would confer the same benefits upon completion.  Students accepted to college out of High School could defer their service until after graduation or when they are no longer in school.  Young people will receive at least minimum wages, medical care, and housing allowances for the area they are to work.  Citizens completing these two years will receive scholarships that can be applied to any legitimate educational institution of their choosing and receive minimum health care coverage until age 65 (or when they enroll in MEDICARE.)  This bill would provide an opportunity for illegal residents between the age of 18 and 26 to gain amnesty and citizenship by serving two years in a government-sponsored organization or military branch in return for amnesty, citizenship, and lifelong limited health care and dental coverage for participants and their children. Deferments will not e allowed and illegal residents will have 2 years to sign-up and must have a clean criminal record-no exceptions. Upon the expiration of the 2-year sign-up period, non-participants will be subject to arrest, prosecution, and deportation.



            This is a great opportunity to provide life and work experience to young men and women right out of High School (or college if deferred service accepted).  This experience would develop well-rounded citizens imbued with the spirit of community service.  This young labor pool would also serve to significantly enhance or improve the quality of service that government could provide, hence improving our quality of life and standard of living.  This service would also provide young people with a chance to evaluate their life goals and choose an appropriate education and training program post-service that will support their goals.  This program will also serve to provide a rapid gateway to Citizenship for immigrants who legally enter the country.


            This will be an expensive entitlement program for young people.  Hidden in the cost will be the provision of virtual life long health care.  The screening and deferment program will be subject to abuse as many try to "get out" of service.  The requirement for mandatory service could lead to a division of Americans into those who served and those whom did not inflicting an injurious stigma upon non-servers that could cause discrimination.  It could also increase the amount of people who try to enter the country without a Visa.


            America always has been a land of community service.  Passage of this bill will open a flood gate of goodwill and camaraderie within our young people that can only makes us more united in our pursuit of individual life, liberty, and happiness.