PRO:    ___50___%

CON:    ___40___%

IDK:      ___10___%



What is this bill about?

            This bill proposes to fully finance and build a hydroelectric dam across the Kobuk River just west of Wiseman Alaska.  The bill also establishes a management organization, the Kobuk River Power District (KRPD), to supervise the Utility Company that the dam will create.  The dam's purpose is to provide power for development of the economic infrastructure required for the development of the production of oil from the Alaskan Oil Reserve in Central Alaska.


What are the opinions the people of your state about the dam?

            A simple majority of the people presently favors the passage of this bill.  These people see the bill as boosting the local economy and provided much needed state revenue that could be used to improve essential services in education, transportation, and emergency services.  Most Alaskans are not concerned about the affect this bill will have outside their state.

            A significant portion of the voters are opposed to this bill because it will bring drastic changes to the landscape (1000 square mile reservoir), a rapid escalation of community services and social problems due to the anticipated rapid influx of technicians and laborers for the oil drilling and dam building, and the unanticipated changes to the environment.  There are also concerns about how much the authority of the KRPD will conflict with the existing state and local governments'.

            The 10% of the voters who express or have no opinion could make this a controversial issue if they decide to oppose the bill.  This is the second most important issue for the voters of Alaska.  The voters therefore are very interested in the outcome of this bill and will remember how their representatives voted when they vote in the next election.


What is my Party's Opinion about the Bill and what will they do to promote it?

            The Orange Party sponsors this bill but there are several issues that conflict with Orange Party Philosophy.  The Orange Party Leadership believes that the economic advantages and reduction of reliance on imported oil outweigh the party's policies about private ownership and control of business and state and local control of government.


What is the Opposing Party's Opinion about this Bill?

            The Blue Party philosophically supports this bill, but cannot afford to be seen as merely "going along" with the Orange in order to provide a choice during the next representative elections.  The Blue Party members in Alaska will probably use this bill as "trading material" during the upcoming legislative session in SPARTA, but they will be careful not to let the Orange Party succeed with all their bills.


How do you think the Party's will vote?

            The Orange Party will support this bill both within the State of Alaska and within the National Party.  Because this bill is so important to Alaskans, it is in their favor to pass this bill.  The Blue Party in Alaska faces voter rejection if they do not support this bill.  The National Blue Party may not have much sympathy for their Blue Alaskans if their National Agenda requires defeat of this bill for Party reasons.