May 6, 2009


Memorandum for Record: Renaissance


To: Sunnyvale Middle School:


Purpose: To describe the Sunnyvale Middle School Renaissance Program.


1.         The Sunnyvale Middle School Renaissance Program recognizes each trimester students who demonstrate superior Life Long Learning skills in the following areas:

            a.         Classroom Participation

            b.         Involvement in Community Activities

            c.         Academic achievement

2.         Classroom participation includes meeting the expectations of students for behavior in class at all times and the timely completion of all assigned work.

3.         Involvement in Community Activities consists of significant participation.

            a.         The expectation for significant participation reflects a regular commitment of time spent participating in an activity that is in addition to normal classroom requirements.  For example, tutoring a student at a homework club would qualify, while mere attendance at a homework club is not sufficient.

b.         Participation can be in any of any of the following:

1.         A school sponsored extra-curricular activity such as a club or after-school sports

2.         A Community sponsored activity such as sports teams or service organizations

3.         Volunteer service through a Community organization.  Volunteer service implies that you were not compensated for your service.  For example, baby sitting at your families religious services is acceptable, however; baby sitting at home does not meet the expectation.

4.         Academic Achievement is demonstrated in one of two ways:

            a.         For the First Trimester Achievement on the previous years’ CST will be used.

                        1.         GOLD=Advanced (Level 5) in both ELA and MATH.

                        2.         SILVER=At least Proficient (Level 4) in ELA and MATH

                        3.         BRONZE=At least Basic (Level 3) in ELA and MATH

            b.         For the Second and Third Trimester current achievement marks will be used.

1.         GOLD=3.6 to 4.0.

                        2.         SILVER=2.6 to 3.5

                        3.         BRONZE=2.5 to 2.0

                        4.         No “D’s” or “F’s”

Memorandum for Record: Renaissance                                                      May 6, 2009


5.         Recognition.  Students who turn in on time during Renaissance Stamping Week their application form (sample attached) will have their SMS identification card stamped either GOLD, SILVER, or BRONZE.  All late applications will be stamped at the BRONZE level.  It is the student’s responsibility to submit the application on time and maintain their SMS identification card.  Students at each level during a trimester will be entitled to the following:

            a.         GOLD:

                        1.         Attendance at Assembly (with a pizza snack and beverage)

                        2.         Attendance at a Pizza lunch

                        3.         Attendance at a healthy dessert lunch

                        4.         Five front of the line passes.

            b.         SILVER:

                        1.         Attendance at Assembly (with a pizza snack and beverage)

                        2.         Attendance at a healthy dessert lunch

                        3.         Three front of the line passes.

            c.         BRONZE:

                        1.         Attendance at Assembly (with a pizza snack and beverage)

                        2.         One front of the line pass.

6.    This program is conducted by the Sunnyvale Middle School Associated Student Body Student Council with the support of the SMS Parent, Teacher, and Student Association.





Frances Dampier



Attach: sample application