Foreign Relations

Match each item with the correct statement below.
John Quincy Adams
Simón Bolívar
the Quadruple Alliance
José de San Martín
Miguel Hidalgo


supported colonies that wanted freedom


rebelled against the Spanish in Mexico


caused the Monroe Doctrine


liberated Venezuela, Colombia, Panama, Bolivia, and Ecuador


achieved independence for Chile and Peru

Short Answer


What did the Rush-Bagot Treaty with the British accomplish along the northern border of the United States?


What was the result of Jackson’s invasion of Spanish East Florida in 1818?


After a long series of uprisings and border disputes, America went to war with ____ in 1846.


Inspired by the example of the United States, many Latin American nations fought to gain independence from ____ during the early 1800s.


The Monroe Doctrine was intended to keep European powers out of the ____.

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