DUE DECEMBER 18th, 2008
How To Write A Bill


Which Philosophy will your bill follow?

Determine a Topic


What problem exists that we do not have a way to fix??

What is your new idea?

What do we need to get rid of/abolish/remove?

+Review newspaper headlines for topics

Research Your Topic

+Is your topic debatable? What would be the debate?

+Is your topic appropriate?

-Federal, State or local Level

-Not a joke bill, realistic


-Which Party Philosophy will your bill follow?

Drafting Your Bill

Title (Designate a BLUE or ORANGE bill)

"Be it enacted by the United States of SPARTA House of Representatives, the Honorable ( Your name) that ________________________________________ (Title of your Bill)"


This is the purpose. Make it brief, 2-3 sentences.

What This Bill Would Do

This is the body. Explain in detail how your bill/law works. Who will be responsible for enforcing it. How much will it cost and where will the money come from. Use facts to support your bill. Include an explanation of why your bill is important.

PRO Arguments

Please describe and explain why this bill supports the Parties Philosophy.

CON Arguments

Please describe and explain why this bill does not support the Opposing Parties Philosophy.


One sentence explaining why this bill should pass.

Points to Consider

Bill Length

The maximum bill length is 2 [two] pages in length. Should an exception need to be made, the author will need to present her/his case to Mr. Realini.

Proper Spelling and Grammar

Have someone proof read your bill. The spell and grammar checks on the computer are great, but they have limitations.

Bill Conformity

Make sure your bill conforms to the bill format (numbering included).



Mr. James P. Realini
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