Select a famous American who was a alive after 1800 (Earliest date of birth) and before 1899 (Latestest date of Death)

Read a biography (book of at least 100 pages NO EXCEPTIONS) and prepare a book report (2-3 pages-type written) using the questions below.

1. Who was this person? Where were they born? Where did they live? What was their educational background? Did they have any challenges during the period when they were growing up?

2. What historical events took place during this persons life that influenced their actions?

3. What significant contributions did this person make to American History? What thoughts, deeds, or activities are they remembered for? Is their some little known fact about them that makes them even more interesting or intriguing?

4. Why did this person perform the thoughts, deeds, or activities they are remembered for?

5. How did this person finish up the end of their life?

6. What do you think about this persons thoughts, deeds, or activities? Why do you think they are important?

7. List your bibliographical information on the biography/book you read.

Name of Author
Title of Book
Date Published
City and Country of Publication
Number of pages