OFFICERS: Monday March 7 at 315 PM in Room E9
PSEUDO-BAY March 19th,2016 8AM to 1230PM
Officers: President-Mariah Kirkpatrick, Vice-President-Richard Xu, Secretary-Clarissa Gao, Treasurer-Osman Wong, Public Relations-Zibaa Adil
HHS Advisors: Peggy Xu & Sabina Anand
Chapter/Faculty Advisor-Mr Realini
Member Assignments for This Week:

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President's Letter

Hello everyone, I am Mariah Kirkpatrick your FBLA President and welcome to the 2015-2016 year of FBLA!

FBLA stands for Future Business Leaders of America and is a business organization whose purpose is to prepare you for the future and teach you basic business such as management, marketing, and finance. We will be covering different types of businesses, how to run a business, management, finance, marketing, and The American Enterprise System. We will have a lot of fun meeting new friends, having a good time in socials, and participating in competitions such as Bay Section and Pseudo Bay. I know this will be a wonderful year for FBLA and look forward to seeing you at our meetings!

WHEN: March 19, 2016
WHERE: Sunnyvale Middle School


Peggy Xu
Sabina Anand




Public Speaking

A Four Minute Speech based upon one or more of the FBLA Goals.


Business Ethics

A 2-3 Person TEAM is given a business ethical dilemma 20 minutes before hand and then must present in 7 minutes their solution or remedy to the dilemma


Impromptu Speech

A Four Minute Speech based on a FBLA Business related topic. Students receive the topic ten minutes prior to there speech.



Students deliver an interpretive presentation of the FBLA CREED


Introduction to Business Test

Written Test covering Ethical Business Practices
(Students who participate may attend study sessions after school to understand basic business practices & principles)


Introduction to Business Communications Test

Written Test similar to the ELA portion of the CST with emphasis on grammar and spelling


Business Mathematics Test

Written Test similar to the MATH portion of the CST with emphasis on statistics and earnings computations


Introduction to Business Technology Concepts

Written Test covering basic Informational Technology terms, systems, and concepts


Healthcare Administration Test

Advanced Test about Health Care Management


See Mr. Realini if you are interested

Sports Management Test

Advanced Test about the Financial Management of Sports Enterprises


See Mr. Realini if you are interested

FBLA Principles and Procedures

Recommended for experienced or future officers of FBLA


  1. California FBLA is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) student organization committed to preparing today's students for success in business leadership. With over 50 years' experience, California FBLA is the premiere organization for student leaders.
  2. California FBLA is an affiliate of Future Business Leaders of America - Phi Beta Lambda, Inc. - the largest student business organization in the world with more than 225,000 members.
  3. FBLA is an important partner in the success of school-to-work programs, business education curriculums, and student leadership development. FBLA is recognized by the U.S. Departments of Education and Labor as an integral part of a co-curricular approach to business and leadership education.
  4. The FBLA Mission is to bring business and education together in a positive working relationship through innovative leadership and career development programs. We bring our mission to life through the application of our Motto: Service, Education, and Progress.
  • Promote competent, aggressive business leadership
  • Strengthen confidence of students in themselves and their work
  • Create interest in and understanding of American business enterprise
  • Encourage development of individual projects to improve home, business, and community
  • Facilitate the transition from school to work
  • Assist students in the establishment of career goals
  • Encourage scholarship and promote school loyalty
  • Encourage and practice sound financial management
  • Develop character, prepare for useful citizenship, and foster patriotism
  • The FBLA concept was developed in 1937 and launched in 1940, under the sponsorship of the National Business Education Association, to unite the thousands of individual business clubs in the nation's high schools and colleges. The first chapter was chartered at Johnson City, Tennessee on February 3, 1942. Two days later, the second chapter was organized in St. Albans, West Virginia . By the end of 1942, 39 chapters had been chartered; within three years, another 38 had joined; and 80 chapters were chartered by 1946. By 1947, the first state chapter was chartered in Iowa, with Indiana and Ohio quickly following. Within three years, a total of ten state charters had been issued.
  • 1969 was a watershed year when articles of incorporation were signed and the association became FBLA-PBL, Inc. a non-profit student educational association with its own board of directors and full-time staff under the direction of CEO Edward Miller . Membership at this time was approximately 80,000 members in 4,500 local chapters. Dr. Miller retired as CEO of FBLA-PBL in 1997, marking a major milestone for the association. Jean Buckley was appointed at that time as the second CEO in the association's history.
  • California's involvement in FBLA began in 1947, with the chartering of Fullerton Junior College . The first State Leadership Conference was held on April 29, 1950, with over 200 members in attendance. State officers were elected at this time and a constitution approved. The conference theme was "Leadership in Action."
  • California FBLA celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2000, with a theme of "Building on Tradition . . . 50 Years of Excellence." Membership at this time exceeded 7,000 members in approximately 200 active chapters.
  • Leadership Development Institute (LDI). This statewide leadership development experience is generally held in late October or early November for chapter officers, members with leadership potential, and chapter advisers. The LDI is planned and hosted by the state officers and the state management team. Sessions include motivational general sessions, workshops presented by state leaders, and training delivered by professionals from the business community.
  • Section Conferences. Each section hosts one conference and a variety of training sessions each year. The training sessions are held early in the fall of each year and are designed to train chapter officers and leaders about the association and their role as local leaders. In addition, each section hosts an annual Section Leadership Conferences, held generally in late February or early March. Delegates at these events elect section officers, conduct section business, and participate in the first round of competitions leading to the State Leadership Conference.
  • National Fall Leadership Conferences (NFLCs). These nationally sponsored training programs are held each fall in various cities around the country. The program focuses on career development, chapter management, and general leadership education.
  • State Leadership Conference (SLC). Held in the spring, and rotated between the northern and southern regions of the state, the purpose of this conference is to elect state officers, conduct state business, offer leadership and career development training, and administer statewide competitions to determine who will represent California in national competitions.
  • Institute for Leaders (IFL). Held in conjunction with the National Leadership Conference, this focused, specialized training program represents the premier leadership and career training available to FBLA members. Participants select specific tracks to focus their training and participate in both required sessions and elective sessions where they can customize their overall experience. Tracks currently offered include Principles of OfficerShip, Mastering OfficerShip, Communications, Entrepreneurship, Personal Success, and Adviser Leadership.
  • National Leadership Conference (NLC). This nationally-sponsored conference is held in June or July of each year in a different city around the country. State winners compete in the various competitive events. Leadership training is offered and national officers are elected.
  • National FBLA-PBL
  • California Department of Education
  • Virtual Enterprise International - California Network
  • CA Assoc. of Regional Occupational Centers & Programs
  • Association for Career and Technical Education
  • Small Business Administration--Teen Entrepreneurs

Mr. James P. Realini
(408) 522-8288 EXT 509